Durga Puja

About Us

Durga Puja is not simply about celebrations and feasting. It is about the triumph of truth over false and right over wrong. Durga Puja is about sustaining the mass believe of emergence of an almighty savior whenever evil tries to take over the goodness in the universe. So, the Puja is much beyond the glamour and glitter of pandals and the grandeur of the celebrations.

Durga Puja is an important socio-cultural annual religious festival from ancient times by worshipping goddess Durga and celebrating her victory over the mythological demon Mahishasura. Hindu scriptures depict goddess Durga as a warrior goddess carrying different weapons in her ten arms and riding on a lion. Her appearance is also interpreted as an embodiment of feminine power in Indian culture and society. Bengali celebrate this festival as Sharodotsav (autumn festival) or Sharadiya Durga Puja. It is their biggest religious festival which, they celebrate with great excitement and fanfare.

Theme-based puja pandals with floral decorations are installed by following rituals and customs to welcome goddess Durga and also to mark the celebration with uniqueness. A bonanza of culture and modern entertainment can also be seen in this festival.

Fancy and magnificent clay idols of goddess which are crafted and painted with colours are the major attraction of the festival. As a part of the event and to add colour to the festival, Durga Puja committees organise various competitions and fun filled activities with exciting prizes. Mouthwatering cuisines, sweets and dishes are an integral part of this celebration. After ten days, the mega festival of Durga Puja comes to an end with the immersion of the idol into a river or a water body. Ardent devotees take out processions of the idols for immersion amid loud religious chants.

Shipra Riviera Sarbojonin Durga Puja & Sanskritik Samity has been organizing Durga Puja for the last 20 years. It’s a great community event embracing participation from all sections of the society. Our effort has been to promote events for children, organizing cultural evenings with performances by renowned artists during the period of the Puja.

The Durga Puja celebration for this year is scheduled from 3rd October 2019 to 8th October 2019.

Shipra Riviera with over 7000 captive residents and with presence / visits of over 40000 people during the puja provides ideal opportunities for Corporates to promote their products using various media vehicles ( Program sponsorship , Stage branding, Gate Branding, Souvenir advertising, Banners, Stalls etc.).

In past years, eminent artist like Ms. Shibani Kashyap , Vinod Rathod , Amit Sana , Sandeep Batra, Purnima ji and many more had graced our puja celebration with their melodious voice. We have been constantly getting support from various corporates in terms of sponsorships and advertising which have in return provided them great benefits. We would like to take this opportunity to inform about the Corporates who supported us in our endeavour of successfully organising Durga Puja in the past years and expect their support in the years to come.

Durga (Devi) is synonymous with Shakti or the Divine Power that manifests, sustains and transforms the universe as the one unifying Force of Existence.Shakti is the very possibility of the Absolute’s appearing as many, of God’s causing this universe. God creates this world through Srishti-Shakti (creative power), preserves through Sthiti-Shakti (preservative power), and destroys through Samhara-Shakti (destructive power). Shakti and Shakta are one; the power and the one who possesses the power cannot be separated; God and Shakti are like fire and heat of fire.”